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We Won the MIXX 2020 „Best Branded Content“ Award

We Won the MIXX 2020 „Best Branded Content“ Award

Čarli „Moj najbolji prijatelj“ (My Best Friend) is the name of the product and campaign that encouraged positive social movement on the topic of animal fostering in Croatia. We confirmed its success at the Days of Communication with MIXX 2020 award that crowns digital craftsmanship and digital cross-media marketing excellence.

We won the MIXX award for the „Best Branded Content“ and were also in the finals for "Best Social" and "Brand Awareness Campaign".

Evaluation criteria included creativity, strategy, performance, use of media, and the results.  

We want to thank our client Labud and their marketing director Milica Damjanović for believing in our vision! As well, the collaborators whose expertise completed the story - Real Grupa, Helping Animals, Prijatelji životinja, 24sata, JoomBoos, Božidar Pergar, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb, Argos by Irena Petak.  

The Inspiration Agency team behind the project:

Marketing Strategist: Kristijan Pakšec

Social Media Manager & Strategist: Ana Ćirović

Social Media Manager: Ivana Bivol

Designer: Ina Pajković

Ad Traffic Manager: Sanja Puharić

Web Design & Development: Ivan Ćirović


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