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A strategy for the global leader in quality therapy mats

A strategy for the global leader in quality therapy mats

We created a new foundation for Airex® social media presence focused on Facebook and Instagram

Markets / Switzerland, Austria, Germany, USA


With almost 70 years of tradition, Airex® has faced the challenge of modern times and had to build an online presence. Our task was to create a global social media strategy focused on Facebook and Instagram and conduct a competitive analysis and write a content planning guide. This strategy should allow their internal team to follow our detailed instructions and independently plan more content on their social media platforms. Since we love challenges, this was a perfect project to sharpen our skills!


Using both analytical and a practical approaches, we created a detailed strategy that included the most important topics that can help Airex® build a new social media foundation and support their business goals. Some combined a current analysis of content and website analytics, market research, and a systematic plan for each targeted market.

We also prepared an annual plan of content that respected the habits of Airex® customers and instructions on how to create different content formats on social media. 

We decided to put brand awareness and sales as the primary focus by encouraging traffic with creative and unique content to nurture a relationship with the existing and new customers.

The brand has started implementing our ideas, and we hope for excellent results in the future!


Consulting, Market research, Marketing Strategies, Ad Optimisation, Social Media Management, Strategy and Communication Plan, Copywriting, Graphic and digital design  

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