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An award-winning socially responsible campaign

An award-winning socially responsible campaign

Case study on shifting cultural thinking and engaging over 1.5 million online users with one product

Market / Croatia


In the Croatian market, "Čarli" is used as a synonym for liquid dish soap. Its story started in 1974, and now, the new generations are looking for additional reasons to buy this product, except quality.

Labud, a company that does not test its products on animals, wanted to make the audience aware of animal protection and rights issues by creating the limited edition of Čarli "Moj najbolji prijatelj" (My Best Friend). For each product purchase, the company donated HRK 0.50 to the animal association Prijatelji životinja (Animal Friends Croatia).

The goal was to increase brand awareness and social media engagement among the audience between 18 and 44. To achieve it, we needed to find the best platform to send this socially responsible message!


With over 10,000 abandoned animals in Croatia, we were determined for this campaign to reach as many screens as possible to start a positive social movement. We woke up with it and went to sleep thinking about what we can do better to shift cultural thinking on this important topic - because if we manage to do this properly, it will be a part of our legacy, too.

Starting with a customized landing page, we were bringing users daily from many other platforms. We used social media posts and various ads, Google Display static and animated banners, Google Ads out-stream videos, YouTube videos, influencer collaborations, events, etc.

We achieved impressive results on social media platforms with over 1.5 million engagements! Ads had over 14 million impressions, and the number gave us confidence knowing we distributed the message to the targeted audience more than once.

We confirmed its success at the Days of Communication with MIXX 2020 award that crowns digital craftsmanship and digital cross-media marketing excellence. 

We won the MIXX award for the „Best Branded Content“ and were also in the finals for "Best Social" and "Brand Awareness Campaign".


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